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Why do I need a BER? PDF Print E-mail
Apart from it being a legal requirement, there are many benefits to obtaining the best rating you can afford.

For the builder/owner:If you want to sell your house, you need a BER cert.

  • Lower build cost, retro fitting is expensive
  • Lower running costs
  • More comfortable living
  • Future proof your home
  • Less greenhouse gas emissions
  • Adds value to your home, better resale value
  • Green credentials
  • Good marketing issue
  • Legal requirement

For the tenant/lessee:

  • Gives you a comparison between properties of potential living costs
  • Indicates level of comfort, e.g. less drafts, cosy feeling inside
  • Legal requirement of owner
  • Get exact rating, e.g. A2 or B3. An ‘A’ rated house or window is not sufficient, is it A1, A2 or A3? The only rating without a qualifying number is F and G.
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